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Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the three oldest faculties of the Technical University of Lodz. Established in 1945, it is internationally regarded as an important research centre with considerable scientific and educational output. The Faculty offers BSc, MSc and PhD courses in Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Protection, Material Engineering, and in the interdisciplinary field of Nanotechnology. These courses have been authorized by the State Accreditation Committee for the next 6 years. The Faculty of Chemistry employs about 130 staff, including 44 full professors and scholars with post-doctoral degrees.

The curriculum is largely interdisciplinary in all areas, which ensures that our graduates are specialists who know how to successfully combine their chemical, engineering and technological knowledge. Moreover, students are taught the basics of marketing, business strategy, and finances. They are also offered English courses (B2 level) to be able to understand academic papers in English. Thanks to this, our graduates pursue successful careers in a wide range of industries, in the education sector, as well as with the public administration and with scientific and research institutions in Poland and abroad. Nearly 6,000 BSc and MSc students have graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry since 1945. Currently, nearly 1,500 students are enrolled in our courses.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and our scholars collaborate extensively with Polish and foreign research and educational institutions. This ensures world-class research and provides our doctoral students with a wide range of opportunities to obtain internships and participate in conferences. Every year, nearly 20 doctoral students are awarded a PhD degree in the field of chemistry or chemical technology. The Faculty is also authorized to confer post-doctoral degrees.

You are welcome to enroll in our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as in postgraduate certificate programs offered since the beginning of 2010 in the following fields: waste management, law for engineers, application of chemistry in agriculture, modern methods of synthesis and analysis of organic compounds, chemical analysis in quality control and environmental and protection.

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