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Faculty of Chemistry

For culture and art enthusiasts
Łódź is an extraordinary city built at the crosspoint of four cultures: Polish, German, Russian and Jewish. It is a place where the hearts of four nationalities beat and where you can find their flavour and scent. Art galleries and exhibitions, theatres, a philharmonic hall, churches, concerts and recitals, festivals and fairs, and last but not least first the atmosphere of the old and the new Łódź together create a unique mixture of artistic and cultural sensations.

For newcomers
Nine modernly equipped halls of residence offer high standard to the University students and guests. The campus includes student clubs, offices of student organizations, sport facilities, a post office, a health care centre, a cafeteria and corner shops. All the inhabitants of the campus have free access to the Internet. The Lodz University of Technology is one of few European universities whose campuses are located in the city centre. The halls of residence are situated clo se to all university buildings.


For keen travellers
Student organizations and international associations will help you take part in courses and internships in different parts of the world. Additionally, many of our students spend a part of their studies (at least one term) at foreign universities in such countries as France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Spain or Italy within the framework of LLP-Erasmus Programme.

For sport enthusiasts
Athletics, basketball, horse riding, snowboarding, rock climbing, bridge and chess are only some of the sport disciplines available within the framework of 26 sport sections of the Academic Sport Association of the Lodz University of Technology. All sightseeing enthusiasts are welcome to join the Student Tourist Club ‘PŁazik’ and the Academic Tourist Association ‘Przystań’.

For science enthusiasts
The Faculty has three highly active Scientific Student Associations: the Chemists’ Association ‘Trotyl’, the Nanotechnologists’ Association ‘NANO’ and the Student Association ‘Polimer’. By taking part in their activities you can foster your interests, your commitment engagement in chemistry and your eagerness to deepen your knowledge about its different fields. You’ll also have a chance to realize your projects, organize scientific conferences, student or bonding events.

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Educational activities

Koło Młodych Chemików

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